Often it was said that what drives man to finally do something is an incident, a conflict that erupted or a spark. This blog was started likewise for an incident, that left me with the statement, ‘enough is enough, for my sanity hung on a thin thread already,’.

Perhaps so, committing thoughts into a piece of paper, or paperless ‘digital’ website such as this, comes naturally to contemplative, often brooding temperament such as me. It comes without saying that thoughts often imagined in the form of fluid, flexible and malleable ‘thing’, but akin to a  running water that formed a waterfall or river over a long period of time, the same can be said in regards to the nature of thoughts.

Especially recurring, ‘itchy’ ones that bugs the sleep and waking days for no end. For that reason, this blog is made. Committing thoughts to a concrete, readable form is the hallmark liberating aspects of writing, though the nature of language often also meant that what is written can be easily misunderstood by the readers, away from what the writer intended to send across.

That and the fact that writing meant that one is committed to defend what is written, for what is written is a writ unto itself, in law. The nature of the world is such that to gain something, we must willing to part something of ours…

And with that end note, thus begin my first foray to the world of blogging 🙂


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