It is true that we human beings as a creature, only value something or someone when we lose it. We grow complacent and taking for granted the convenience brought by the item, or the warmth and support the person brought to our life, thinking that it’ll never go away.

And such is the evil that complacency brought unto us. Thankfulness requires a constant remembrance, lest the child inside us will grow spoiled and the roots of ungratefulness taking hold.

The past few months has been one long road of this lesson to me…

Knowing you for the last 3 years has been a blessing in disguise for me. Back then, when I was enamored with another girl that clearly used me, you are there to listen to everything personal I have in mind. Over time, I come to know your story and history better than I know about the other girl’s background. You are a patient and actively aware listener, despite saying it otherwise to me.

You’ve seen and dealt personally my flaws, yet you still stayed around. Your undying loyalty and constant positive assessments to your best friends is an inspiration to me. When I castigated you for staying put with a friend that fleeced you, you decided to root for her in hopes for a change, and true enough, she did changed for the better.

I understand that through our younger years, we have unrealistic views and expectations on relationships, the mass media and culture doesn’t help either. Knowing you, I’ve come to see that the whole point of it is not actually nitpicking on the details, but actually to be able to connect, reciprocate and build actual rapport and trust to the person. You can have the most beautiful top model or handsomest actor to be your partner, but it is all an useless, moot point if you can’t find that ‘imperfectly perfect’ mental and emotional connection to the person.

It is akin to how one forge a long lasting friendship, where it transcends mere utilitarian uses, but to the point that you actually am willing to stay through and be put with the friend through thick and thin, or summer and rainy days. It is a relationship that matures you to become an adult, instead of coddling you to your childish impulses.

In addition, you’ve made me think more seriously about my life. Gaming slowly stopped being a valid hobby for me, yet my hobby on reading found new vigor knowing that there is you to listen to me talking about my readings and analyses without bore. That connection is found far and rarely in-between, my dear….

And I squandered the chance. Wholly.




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